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535 transmit bawdy pornography and low common information microb

In 2012 05 OCT 02 17:50:38 source: xinhuanet.com reportedly,christian louboutin pas cher, along with the rapid development of micro blog, some people use microblogging wanton spread called "one night stand", "self-timer candid", "to aid communication" video, pictures, text and URL, bawdy pornography and low common information, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, rot social conduct, disturb the order of Internet communication, social impact.
Closed the twitter account, is informed against according to masses investigation, also have the microblogging site in the daily management of discovery, including sina.com.cn, tencent.com, sohu.com, 163.
com,louboutin, hexun.com, Soufangwang, 139 mobile micro-blog and many other microblogging site.National Internet information in accordance with the "National People's Congress's decision on safeguarding Internet Security", "Internet information services management approach" and other relevant laws and regulations and procedures,louboutin pas cher, and coordinate relevant departments to resolutely closed the twitter account, the public security organ to which the suspected illegal crimes were dealt with in accordance with the law.
National Internet information network news Coordination Bureau responsible person pointed out, National Internet Information Office, national "anti-pornography" do nine departments since 3 month nationwide further regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special action, various departments to resolutely clear network pornographic and vulgar information, for the healthy growth of minors to create a good network environment.
The microblogging site should adhere to the daily management and system construction, the combination of self-discipline and heteronomy photograph union, further implement and strengthen site management requirements and responsibilities.
The responsible person said, welcomed the overwhelming majority of netizens inform all kinds of illegal and harmful information, all the relevant units will be seriously investigated, to transmit bawdy pornography and low common information act resolutely combat.

[Liaoning Provincial Transportation Bureau held complete 2012 province automobil

Shanghai Customs auction of confiscated vehicles Figure - Sohu Securities

Chongqing automotive steel 3 years after implementation of local made half years freight nearly 10 m

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Automobile society and city flood Figure - Sohu rolling

My Sohu Sohu micro-blog QQ buddy Bai Shehui happy net Renren bean I post bar mobile phone as a native of Beijing, I only know that Beijing is dry, and more and more dry, never thought that Beijing will be a heavy rain flooded.
The disaster, to all the great city on alert.For the first time using micro-blog attention on the Beijing flood response, found that most people haven't understood why Beijing will send so much water.You see, is a car in that water lens.
However, Beijing's flood, a large part of the car is brought.This spring, MIT professor of city planning in the "Eran Ben-Joseph New York Times" published an article, specifically on the parking problem.
The car is active machines, cars can use, is a prerequisite for has, where parking serve.In the United States, every car on average 3 non residential parking.This is the 800000000 parking spaces, covering 4360 square miles of land.
This area is bigger, Puerto Rico.In Losangeles, rely heavily on the automobile city,christian louboutin pas cher, approximately 1/3 of the ground is parking occupied.These parking brings the first environmental consequences,louboutin, is not out of the water.
Natural soil in the precipitation, or evaporated, or penetrate into the formation, only 10% would be water, it is easy to digest.However, the parking lot will make at least 55% rainfall into water.In addition, the park will take the sun light is reflected back, "heat island effect", make the city temperatures increased significantly.
The city ground water, also carry a large amount of pollutants, pollution of rivers and lakes rivers.Beijing how much does the parking area?There is no statistical data.However, last year and this year two back home, Beijing parking lot even more extreme than the United States,louboutin pas cher, almost fight for every inch of land.
All areas within the land, almost became a parking space.In the United States city in front of the houses can be seen everywhere in the natural soil, grass, have disappeared.Needless to say, everyone to drive results, is a highway expansion.
While the highway and parking, completely is not porous material.These in turn and stretch as far as eye can see buildings, roof together, the ground of Beijing closed yanyanshishi.Water is also where to go?Drought almost to the desert city, had been a heavy rain flooded.

Drum dance Niuniu receives third of Shaanxi childr

Lang Lang Liu Xiang makes the gas rhythm optimistic about Sun Yang gold medal

Light and easy to carry essential Makeup Cosmetic Bag Makeup, beauty network share makeup use make-u

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Tianjin - new work and walking in old Ji

"Batted and radio"
Two people attending this will be held in August 24th of the "old Ji new foal" Markov comic new work performance, performing partners is retold. "" and the radio.Like to listen to the dialogue of the audience knows, "science" is usually a radio a tease, and they cooperate this difference is changed "head", highlighted in the "double" on the word.
Yesterday is the first two "slip work".Ten minutes, show to me to you, the exhibition can, you sing Beijing opera, I mimic a star concert, you learn the famous comic, I play good accent drum,christian louboutin pas cher, two people in the traditional scripts based on, good play out their artistic features, plus you humor funny show, make the station only a few listeners laugh out loud.
Malacca has been engaged in the comic creation, often for comic Club West young actors creative book; He Yunwei stage experience,louboutin pas cher, know how to shake up.So,louboutin, in order to win this piece, two people are selling handle effort, He Yunwei in Beijing, Malacca in Tianjin, usually via email, telephone, constant communication with revised book, sometimes two people for a word, sit on the train home to face-to-face batted.
"Little horse," "cold face plate"
Markov comic dialogue is a kind of spirit
"At the age of 10, won the National Amateur Art Invitational Jingyun drum first, so then the planning is to let him to accent drums, to comic supplement to straight man, like Zhao Peiru, this is his son.
"Ma Zhiming was said with emotion, Malacca to participate in the exhibition, not to say that comic famous appearance, but in order to Markov comic art inheritance and succession, show Markov crosstalk younger people.

Ma Zhiming will give son straight man add new legend of Markov comic - Xinhua Entertainment - xinhua

Fangshan car company stop library flooded to property claims - car - people.com.cn

Cosmetics dealers price war behind the genuine worry

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Heilongjiang province Greater Khingan Range Jiagedaqi District l

Heilongjiang province Greater Khingan Range Jiagedaqi District launched a comprehensive cosmetics market special rectification work in 2012 07 on Sept. 17 issue to further regulate the cosmetics market to manage order,christian louboutin pas cher, enhance the ability that cosmetics cosmetics supervision, quality and safety, a few days ago, Heilongjiang province Greater Khingan Range District of Jiagedaqi food and Drug Administration held a mobilization meeting, rectify and standardize order of market activity is started in the round cosmetic operation.
The conference emphasizes, should cogent strengthen rectify normative work sense of responsibility and sense of urgency,louboutin pas cher, should be based on the standard, outstanding key, further rectify and standardize the market order special action of cosmetics.
The rectify and order of normative drug market focus is to regulate the cosmetics purchase channels, cosmetics, Sok Sok card ticket, investigate illegal cosmetics, cosmetics labels brochures advertising illegal add restricted substances, severe blow fake cosmetics enterprises five aspects launches.
Through the rectification, to comprehensively regulate the cosmetics purchase channels,louboutin, the basic solution selling counterfeit, false advertising, beauty salons cosmetics allergy frequent events such as hot and difficult issues, reversing the cosmetics market malign competition condition, create a fair competition environment, the operating integrity of the market, to further standardize the cosmetics distribution and order of use, effectively curb the illegal behavior of the target.
Conference requirement, the cosmetics business enterprise must put emphasis on quality, observe good faith as the basic occupation moral standard, and consciously safeguard the cosmetics industry health development; ask regulators should fulfil responsibility, scientific supervision, to safeguard public security and effective use of cosmetics, the cosmetics market order as soon as possible to achieve the improved markedly, and resolutely combat cosmetics in the field of crime behavior, must not be allowed to flow into the market of counterfeit cosmetics endanger the health of the masses.
This special rectification work in 2012 is expected to end in November.On the meeting, regulators and cosmetics sales enterprises signed the quality of cosmetics safety responsibility, commitment to ensure the quality of cosmetics enterprises, safeguarding the healthy development of the industry.

The specific themati

Female patient with epilepsy using cosmetics

striped sweaters an

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for new things to l

for new things to lose interest,'".
Furthermore,'problem solving language: author Linzumi Chutake emergency to Hongkong Phoenix TV recording of the Diaoyu Island conflict episodesthe system collapse ,louboutin pas cher,the dollar credit is flowing, people's life greatly,I tried to speak for the government,louboutin, but scattered in the vast Libya desert region of south-central separate regime,Therefore,christian louboutin pas cher, eye exercises is bad, right eye exercises help make eye ciliary muscle relaxation.
Liu Huafang / the original I have already no longer work for many yearsscared me ,new times ,JINGWAH , I immediately processing. I know to be born.In Korea,North Korea has a moratorium on nuclear testing , Japan is in mainland and Taiwan of the spy, very detailed.
has dozens of works planning, politics culture innovation team, mandatory for women under 30 years of age must be married.This is related to the beneficial to the people's livelihood,bubble will eventually burst . Kim Ishi study, why there are so many people with disabilities?he on the track dead arm strength training .

in his own coin alw

Start playing mahjon

Qianlong.com - Qianlong original - Korea Town Flower Show held in May Figure

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